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About us

In 2021, a paradigm shift occurred in the musical landscape with the establishment of Péterváry Music Technology Ltd. Founded under the visionary leadership of the pianist and teacher, Adam Petervary, the company embarked on a mission far beyond mere business aspirations. Mr. Petervary, the CEO of the enterprise, envisaged more than a mere seating apparatus. He conceived an innovative endeavor: the world's premier side-sliding, smart, and ergonomic piano bench.

Under Mr. Petervary's guidance, and in collaboration with three esteemed founders and two distinguished co-founders, the company took its initial steps towards making this visionary product a reality. Presently, Péterváry Musical Technology Ltd. is in an advanced phase of pre-production, on the cusp of introducing this groundbreaking piano bench to the global stage.

At Péterváry Musical Technology, we are not merely developing a product; we are championing a new benchmark in musical seating. We cordially invite you to be a part of this remarkable journey into the future of musical innovation.

meet the team

Adam Petervary

CEO, founder

Pianist & teacher

As a classical pianist, I am permanently confronted by the shortcomings of piano benches that do not provide sufficient support for the incredible intricacy that piano playing demands. My desire to understand the physical aspects of piano playing technique led to the invention of the revolutionary functions of the Petervary Smart Piano Bench.

Dr. Jeno Pali

COO, CTO , co-founder

Medical biologist

Drawing on my work as a medical biologist, brain researcher, and inventor of intelligent neuroprosthesis and stereoscopic spatial vision tests, my main motivation in the context of this development is to determine the optimal spatial movement of the pianist’s body using the Petervary Smart Piano Bench and to obtain a more profound understanding of the spatial coordination of the artist’s vision, hearing, and movement.

Tamas Meszaros

CMO, co-founder

Inspired by my love of classical music, I am keen to deepen my involvement in the context of concert performance. I consider myself fortunate to be part of a project in which my background in sales and marketing can be creatively harmonised with my passion for music.