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The Key to piano mastery is

reinventing piano benches

The Key to piano mastery is

reinventing piano benches

at petervary

Innovation Enhances Tradition

petervary's innovative vison

Understands Your Moves

A paradigm shift in piano playing

The No.1 piano bench in the world

Introducing the Petervary Smart Piano Bench, a groundbreaking innovation set to transform the essence of piano mastery. Created by Adam Petervary and his team at Petervary Music Technology Ltd., this bench is the first in the world to offer lateral movement, combining unparalleled comfort with cutting-edge technology.

Established in 2021, the company aims to revolutionize traditional piano benches by improving pianist posture and body alignment, thereby enhancing the quality of play and preventing common physical discomforts.

Slide, elevate, resonate

Petervary Music Technology Ltd., driven by innovation in music, launched the Smart Piano Bench, a testament to their ambition. Supported by Hiventures and celebrated with global design awards, the company has redefined the piano bench, influencing musical trends and style beyond tradition. This bench is not just seating—it marks a new era, merging rhythmic heritage with modern creativity.

The World's Premier Piano Seating Experience

Bringing the piano World's

Top Innovations to Your Piano Bench

Lateral Sliding Seat with Centrally Lockable function

Revolutionizes piano playing with unparalleled positioning flexibility, eliminating back and hand pain for an expressive performance. This not only enhances the comfort and endurance of musicians but also significantly improves the expressiveness and dynamism of their performances. If someone prefers not to slide, the seat can be securely locked in the center, transforming it into a fantastically comfortable, world-leading piano chair.


Precision Electric Height Adjustment

Artist-specific height settings can be saved and recalled with a touch, ensuring perfect posture at any piano worldwide. Displays current height and selected profile, ensuring personal settings are always a tap away for seamless performance transitions.


Rechargeable Battery & Digital Features, Remote Control via Application

Integrated storage with magnetic, inductive quick charging keeps devices powered during practice, enhanced by USB ports for versatile connectivity. Our app enables remote adjustments and teacher functionalities, future-proofing the bench with additional interactive capabilities.


Customizable Comfort

Interchangeable and portable cushions with customizable covers and firmness provide ergonomic support, adapting to every pianist's unique needs. The manufacturing technology also allows for custom orders in individual color and material combinations, catering to personal preferences and styles.


Award-Winning Design Excellence

The Petervary Smart Piano Bench has earned global acclaim, winning two gold medals and an iron classification at major international design contests. These awards celebrate its innovative and ergonomic design, marking a significant achievement in the fusion of music and design.

The Petervary Smart Piano Bench Nears Patent Approval

The Petervary Smart Piano Bench is currently under patent pending status, advancing through the final stages before patent issuance.

Watch it in action

Those who have already been part of the revolution

"After just 30 minutes of practicing on the Petervary bench, when I had to suddenly sit back on a regular bench, I realized I miss the ability to slide sideways when needed."

DÉNES VÁRJON - World class piano artist, widely considered as one of the greatest chamber musicians

"Innovation and creating new things is extremely important, especially for my country, where there is a great openness to it. I am sure that the Petervary bench is one of these tools. I wish that the creator of the bench could emerge from the blue ocean and create a whole new perspective for the musical world".

NEUL-BIT HA - korean international concert pianist

"I tried the Petervary Smart Piano Bench for a few hours and found it enjoyable and simple to use. Its sliding feature enhanced weight distribution across the keyboard, relieving arm and back tension. Surprisingly, its subtle movements even enhanced the musical flow of phrases."

ÉVA SZALAI - Professional concert pianist with multiple international competition awards

"This bench will revolutionize what we know about piano playing."

MARCELL SZABÓ - Professional concert pianist with multiple international competition awards

"The sliding effect of the Petervary Smart Piano Bench during jazz improvisation gave me entirely new inspirations."

KRISZTIÁN OLÁH - Jazz pianist


the founders


As a classical pianist, I am permanently confronted by the shortcomings of piano benches that do not provide sufficient support for the incredible intricacy that piano playing demands. My desire to understand the physical aspects of piano playing technique led to the invention of the revolutionary functions of the Petervary Smart Piano Bench.

DR. JENO PALI, CO-FOUNDER, MEdical biologist

Drawing on my work as a medical biologist, brain researcher, and inventor of intelligent neuroprosthesis and stereoscopic spatial vision tests, my main motivation in the context of this development is to determine the optimal spatial movement of the pianist’s body using the Petervary Smart Piano Bench and to obtain a more profound understanding of the spatial coordination of the artist’s vision, hearing, and movement.

Innovation United

Celebrating their vision becoming a reality, the creators of Petervary Ltd stand united beside the bench that's revolutionizing our playtime.

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